Web Development

The World Wide Web has revolutionised the way the world provides information. All access is at your fingertips. By developing a website, you will also have your business accessible 24/7. Adapting to the style or trend of a website is as hard as shopping for clothes but our highly skilled developers can point you in the right direction. Our cutting edge and easy to edit design will allow your potential customers to obtain information with ease.

Web development plays an important role for any business and is a crucial hub of information. The list of functions it can perform can be broad:

  • Your online business listing allows customers to find information through searching the web
  • It is your online brochure, providing all details of your products and services
  • It is a sales pitch in itself, highlighting the features and benefits of your business
  • It is your means of attracting new visitors through search engine optimisation with its edgy design
    It is active 24/7, allowing customers to buy at any time

To develop a website, we take the following actions

At BRACE Tech, we understand the power of good website design. We aim to become an extension of your team, delivering your vision while helping you to develop and grow your company’s online awareness.


Analysing and understanding your requirements is the most important part of designing a website. Through assessment of your target audience and the key products or services you wish to promote, we can tailor the key functions and design aspects to ensure these objectives are met.


Building the website is the detailed step. You start to see the design and website come alive with BRACE Tech’s test phase page. Buttons can be pressed and viewed on desktop or mobile device, scrolling tested and pages viewed. We can make the pages editable to allow you to change text at any time. This section is for all last changes and constant testing to ensure you are completely satisfied with the design layout.


We will assist with a basic design for your website – deciding colours, layouts and locations for information. This initial phase starts the website design process and can modified in the build phase. You are now one step closer to going live with your website!.


This is the last step and very straight forward. After the completion of the website layout and text, we upload onto hosting to allow the site to be accessed through your domain (e.g. www.domainname.com.au). The website is now live and ready to be viewed!