The BRACE Tech team is big on impact with over 25 years of experience combined in computer problem solving, networking and troubleshooting solutions. Through thorough consultation, we strive to foster and grow empowered relationships with clients ranging from small to large. Our mandate is to identify solutions that are just as dynamic as the IT industry itself. With a focus on long-term contracts to deliver service support and managed IT solutions, we are committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to deliver the best outcome for your needs.

What we do




The continuous growth of customers leads to constant changes in technology. Our standardised deployments create a controlled environment throughout change so you can be guaranteed a smooth transition with minimal disruption to workplace productivity.



Web Hosting Made Easy Now!

Our web hosting service ensures your website stays up and running without the need to keep a constant watchful eye on it. We provide a service that allows continuous growth and a range of levels and we give you the ability to access all backend with a username/password.



Web development

As your business grows, your company image becomes incredibly important. An agile website in both design and functionality will attract customers and help you achieve your business goals. Our collaborative approach will deliver an end product that reflects your image and exceeds your expectations.



Professional services

Our dedicated team provide more than just technical assistance. With a diverse range of technical support skills, we ensure that the issue is not only resolved, but advise you why the issue occurred. To us, customer service is as important as technical support.